What kind of doctor is Bojana Jankovic?

What kind of doctor is Bojana Jankovic?

Bojana Jankovic Weatherly is an award-winning, board-certified internal medicine physician. She completed a fellowship in integrative medicine and is trained in functional medicine, nutrition and mindfulness.

Where is Bojana Jankovic from?

Bojana Jankovic

What is DiNozzo’s net worth?

2 Michael Weatherly – Net Worth: $45 million Weatherly has combined incomes from several major TV projects. Beyond his long stint as Tony DiNozzo on “NCIS,” he also played Logan Cale on Fox’s “Dark Angel” and Dr. Jason Bull on the CBS drama “Bull.”

How much does Michael Weatherly make per episode of Bull?

Weatherly made millions starring in NCIS Variety reports that Weatherly makes $300,000 an episode for leading the CBS procedural “Bull,” though an updated report the next year listed only $175,000 as his salary.