Are Horace Grant and Jerami Grant related?

Are Horace Grant and Jerami Grant related?

Jerian and Jerami are the sons of former NBA player, Harvey Grant, and the nephews of former Magic legend Horace Grant. Their older brother, Jerai, played professionally overseas, while the youngest brother in the family, Jaelin, is a rising high school basketball prospect in Maryland.

Who is older Horace and Harvey Grant?

Horace Junior Grant Sr. Horace is the twin brother of former NBA player Harvey Grant.

Why did Grant wear glasses?

“I got them because I was legally blind. I wore em because of that for a few years. After a few years, I got Lasik surgery, but I kept wearing them without the prescription lenses because I had grandparents and parents come up to me and thank me for wearing them.

How many grant brothers are in the NBA?

Grant’s uncle, Horace (twin brother of Harvey), played college basketball at Clemson and was a four-time NBA champion with the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers. Two of his brothers, Jerai and Jerian, are also professional basketball players.

Who are brothers in the NBA?

Marcus and Markieff Morris. The Morris twins are similar in almost every way. Luke, Tyler and Cody Zeller. Steve and Lori Zeller are the very supportive parents of Luke, Tyler and Cody Zeller. Jon, Brent and Drew Barry. J.R. and Chris Smith. Steph and Seth Curry.

Has there ever been twins in the NBA?

The Champagnies aren’t the only twins in the NBA. Caleb Martin plays for the Miami Heat, while his twin brother Cody Martin is on the Charlotte Hornets. Robin Lopez is on the Cleveland Cavaliers, while his twin Brook Lopez plays for the Milwaukee Bucks.