How tall is Brandon The Bachelorette?

What about the rest of the Bachelorette 2021 contestants’ heights? While Michelle is 5 ft 9 and Brandon is reportedly 6 ft 3, let’s take a look at the remaining contestants’ heights, too. Nayte Olukoya is the tallest contestant left at 6 ft 8, Rodney Mathews is 6 ft and Joe Coleman is 6ft 4.

How old is Brandon on The Bachelor?

Brandon is a 28-year-old from Portland, Oregon. He was a contestant on The Bachelorette season 18 with Michelle Young, where he was the runner-up.

Did Brandon and Michelle sleep together?

First up was Brandon, who told Michelle he was in love with her. He really held nothing back while expressing his feelings, and Michelle was totally into it. The two went to the Fantasy Suites and spent the night together.

How tall is Nayte from Bachelorette?

When you walk into a room, it’s hard not to notice Nayte. He has a smile that sparkles like the stars, he is always the life of the party; and to boot, he is a 6-foot, eight-inch Adonis of a man.