What does Elizabeth Hurley do now?

What does Elizabeth Hurley do now?

Since, she has gone on to enjoy success in the fashion world, appearing as the face of Estée Lauder and launching her own swimwear label, Elizabeth Hurley Beach. She is the mother of her only son Damian Charles Hurley, who she raised as single mother.

Is Liz Hurley still married?

Liz Hurley rolls in long grass as she celebrates birthday Although 56-year-old Liz Hurley was pictured living it up with Henry Birtles at a party celebrating the New Year, his wife Cathy has been quick to reveal that the pair are still married. She also insisted that he and Liz were merely old friends.

How does Elizabeth Hurley stay thin?

The swimsuit designer doesn’t do high impact workouts, like many others in Hollywood. Instead she prefers walking. She told Us Weekly, “I believe in being active, going for walks, stretching, maybe a little yoga or a little Pilates,” she says.

Did Liz Hurley go to Shane’s funeral?

In the days after Warne died of a suspected heart attack in Thailand on Friday, March 5, Hurley posted a tribute to her followers. “I feel like the sun has gone behind a cloud forever. RIP my beloved Lionheart,” she wrote. Later, she expressed regret at being unable to attend the private funeral for Warne.

What does Liz Hurley use on her face?

She uses Clinique’s Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen Face Cream.

What does Liz Hurley eat?

At the end of the day, her average dinner consists of grilled chicken with “lots and lots and lots” of vegetables. Hurley has taken the farm-to-table philosophy quite literally and prefers to eat from her own garden when she can. “All through summer we eat fruit and vegetables from my own garden,” she told The Cut.