Is it Call Her Daddy Barstool anymore?

Is it Call Her Daddy Barstool anymore?

Nearly two years after breaking up with Barstool Sports and her business partner, Alex Cooper’s insanely popular sex-talk podcast, “Call Her Daddy,” now has 2.3 million followers and a $60 million deal with Spotify.

How much did Barstool buy Call Her Daddy for?

On Tuesday, the company announced it inked a deal to bring “Call Her Daddy,” which is currently distributed by Barstool Sports, exclusively to the platform. The deal is reported to be worth as much as $60 million over the course of three years, and cements Cooper as one of the top-paid podcasters in the industry.

Why did Alex and Sofia fall out?

While Alex wanted to take the deal, Sofia decided she wanted to shop around with the support of her boyfriend, Peter Nelson, who was commonly referred to on the podcast as “Suitman.” As a result, a feud ensued and Sofia left the show.

Why did Sofia Franklyn leave barstool?

Franklyn acknowledged that Barstool Sports was responsible for turning them into an overnight success, but she and Cooper wanted to explore other options for many reasons — one of which was for the benefit of their fan base, which is known as the “Daddy Gang.”

Who owns Call Her Daddy now?

Alex Cooper may have signed a three-year exclusive distribution deal with Spotify, but the Call Her Daddy host remains in business with Barstool Sports. Founder Dave Portnoy says Barstool will continue to handle the podcast’s very lucrative merchandise business.

How much did Call Her Daddy sell for Spotify?

Alex Cooper and the widely popular “Call Her Daddy” podcast will be moving to Spotify in an exclusive deal worth $60 million, according to Variety. Cooper, 26, announced the move on Instagram. The podcast was previously part of Barstool Sports, but is leaving for Spotify’s streaming service beginning on July 21.