Did Carmen Salinas passed away after the valet?

Did Carmen Salinas passed away after the valet?

The Valet is the last film to star Carmen Salinas, who died in December 2021; the film is dedicated to her memory.

Did Carmen Salinas died while filming?

Carmen was cast opposite Denzel Washington in the 2004 acclaimed thriller Man On Fire. She was working when she had her shocking stroke. Carmen was in the middle of filming the telenovela Mi fortuna es amarte when she passed.

What is the condition of Carmen Salinas?

The popular Mexican singer, actress and producer Carmen Salinas, died Thursday at the age of 82 of complications from a cerebrovascular problem, her family announced on the actress’ social media.

Why is Carmen Salinas in coma?

Meanwhile, her granddaughter Carmen Plascencia later revealed that the actress was in a coma due to a stroke: “Currently my grandmother is in a coma, her organs are working naturally, that is, she is making them work. Well, the diagnosis is a stroke in the stem part, we are waiting to see how it progresses.”