What is Laura Ingraham’s annual salary?

What is Laura Ingraham’s annual salary?

Laura Ingraham is one of the highest-paid anchors on Fox News. Laura Ingraham earns over $15 Million salary from Fox News.

Who is the highest paid news broadcaster?

1. Sean Hannity. Sean Hannity, a stalwart at Fox News as host of “The Sean Hannity Show” earns $40 million at the broadcast network, and has an estimated net worth of $250 million.

What is Jesse Watters salary at Fox?

His own show, “Watters’ World,” first aired in 2017. He co-hosts “The Five,” a talk show with a roundtable discussion format. Jesse earns a salary of $2 million from Fox for his contributions to the platform.

What does Sean Hannity make?

In 2018, Forbes estimated that Hannity’s annual income was $36 million.

What is Harris Faulkner salary?

The net worth of Harris Faulkner is estimated to be over $20 million dollars. Harris Faulkner is earning over $8 million salary annually from Fox News.

What does Laura Ingraham’s husband do?

She also has a podcast called “The Laura Ingraham Show” and a website called Lifezette.com. Her husband is 57-year-old lawyer Dan Schulman, who founded his own law firm in 1993 and has worked as an attorney for more than 30 years.