Why is Lisa Rinna mad at Sutton?

‘RHOBH’: Lisa accuses Sutton of trying to ‘humiliate’ her in explosive fight. Lisa Rinna slammed Sutton Stracke for attempting to “humiliate” her and Harry Hamlin after she dubbed them as ungrateful.

Why did Garcelle and Lisa Rinna fall out?

Beauvais and Rinna first butted heads over the former’s defense of Denise Richards throughout Season 10. The “Coming 2 America” star vocally disagreed with Rinna’s decision to dig into Richards’ alleged hookup with ex-“Housewife” Brandi Glanville.

Why are Denise Richards and Lisa Rinna not friends?

The feud between Lisa and Denise started when the latter lied about her daughter, Lola, being taken aback after hearing the discussion about the threesome at her party. Lisa was confused by this as Denise was open about her s*xual activity on camera.

Are Rinna and vanderpump still friends?

Since Vanderpump’s exit, she and Rinna have continued taking jabs at each other on social media and in interviews. The two have shown it’s a far shot from them ever becoming friends again.

What was the dark thing that Sutton said RHOBH?

As shown in a flashback, the girls took a trip to Lake Tahoe and Sutton told Crystal, “My white child is with Black girls in there, a Chinese girl was in the Jacuzzi, and I’m like, ‘This is what it should be,’” which Crystal felt was a “problematic” thing to say.

Who is Kyle Richards least favorite housewife?

As for her least favorite Housewife of all time, Richards says “that’s so easy,” but never outright says the woman’s name. Her daughters just write “the witch,” which refers to Carlton Gebbia, a wiccan woman who only appeared in season 4 of RHOBH.