Who is the father of Malika’s baby?

Who is the father of Malika’s baby?

Who is O.T Genasis? Odis Flores is an American rapper and song writer who grew up in Long Beach, California. When Ace was born, Odis became a father of two, as he is already a parent of Genasis Flores, who was born in 2010.

Does Malika Haqq have a baby?

The Side by Side star announced her and ex O.T. Genasis’ son’s birth on March 16, two days after Ace’s birth. The infant’s reveal showed his hand on top of his parents’.

How old was Malika when she had her baby?

Malika Haqq is officially a mom! The 36-year-old reality star gave birth to her first child, a baby boy, whom she shares with her ex-boyfriend, rapper O.T. Genasis. Haqq revealed the news on Instagram on Monday, sharing she had given birth two days prior to a son she named Ace.

Do Malika and Khadijah have kids?

The newest addition is Khadijah’s third child, and Bobby’s fourth. They have not officially shared a name yet, though Auntie Malika and Khadijah have both previously referred to the little one as “Kapri” in past Instagram posts.

Are Khloe and Malika still friends?

Khloe met Malika when they were teenagers in 1999 and have been friends for over two decades, per Bustle.

What does Malika Haqq do for money?

Question is, how has Malika made her money thus far? Well, she’s actually landed a handful of acting gigs throughout her career — including The Bernie Mac Show, Las Vegas, Sky High and ATL, as well as appearing on a number of reality TV shows. Moreover, she worked as Khloé’s assistant for years.