Does Itachi love Izumi?

Itachi did come to love Izumi. His love for her wouldn’t save her when he was ordered to wipe out the entire clan. Despite not officially being an Uchiha, Itachi would be forced to kill her too. In the anime, she was killed by Toby, but it was Itachi that killed her in the official canon.

What did Itachi do to Izumi?

He snuck into her house and cast a Tsukuyomi on Izumi. In that illusion, she lived a peaceful life with Itachi in which they were married and had children. The same illusion ended in her becoming sick and lying on her deathbed. Itachi decided to use that timing to his advantage and kill her then and there.

Who did Itachi love most?

Although this seemed inconceivable, there are subtle giveaways that showed Itachi really loved his little brother all along.

Are Izumi Uchiha and Itachi related?

Itachi and Izumi are NOT from the same family. They are from the same CLAN.

Who is in love with Izumi?

Ryouma falls in love with Izumi, whom he is convinced is a girl, and spends the next 10 years thinking about “her”. When they meet again, they are on set for a part 2 of the Happy Wedding commercial.

Who is Izumi crush?

Like other girls her age, Izumi developed a crush on Itachi Uchiha, a boy in the class next to hers.