Where does its Triple Charm live?

Hi everyone! We’re Amalia, Raena and Gabriella also known as Triple Charm. Three sisters from Orlando, Florida who love to sing, dance, and create content together! We officially formed our group in 2018, but we’ve been performing together ever since we can remember.

How old is Raina from Triple Charm?

Triple Charm is the musical trio of sisters Amalia (16), Raena ( 14), and Gabriella (11).

Who are the girls of itstriplecharm?

Amalia | Raena | Gabriella | acct mgd by manager.

What ethnicity is Triple Charm?

Dubbed as a female Hanson 20 years later with the performance skills of Blackpink, this Gen-Z singer-songwriter trio of Latin descent will leave their catchy hooks and smooth harmonies stuck in your head and wanting more.

Are Triple Charm Hispanic?

Get to know Amalia, Raena, and Gabriella of Triple Charm as they dish on their upcoming single, Don’t Need a Reason, working together as sisters, and how they celebrate their Hispanic heritage!

How popular is Triple Charm?

That exact trajectory is happening for the dynamic trio, Triple Charm. With their impressive singing videos, dance moves, and iconic fashion, the sister trio has exploded onto the social media scene, with over 3M followers.