Is IU a slim?

IU has always been considered a more petite, or smaller idol, but compared to her past photos, she appears to have lost more weight recently. In her own post, she shared photos with a food truck gift that was sent to her filming location, and it seems like she really has gotten thinner.

What is IU IQ?

IU Advancement IQ is the business portal for the IU Foundation and IU Alumni Association. IQ offers best practices, services, and policies & forms for advancement professionals and fiscal officers on all campuses.

Is IU getting married?

IU said that she planned to retire once she is married in order to focus on being a good wife. At the time, she said that her ultimate goal in life was to have a loving marriage and a happy life with her family. IU is becoming more beautiful and popular every year, and so far no wedding plans have been announced.

Which K-Pop Idol has the lightest weight?

Weighing in at only 37kg, Elris’s Yukyung might be the lightest idol in K-Pop!

What waist size is IU?

Kim Yong Man asked IU about her waist size, and IU answered, “About 24 inches.”

What was IU diet?

Consuming one apple, two sweet potatoes and a protein powder drink per day is now famously called the “IU diet challenge”.