How much is Calvin Worth on Storage Wars?

How much is Calvin Worth on Storage Wars?

Ivy Calvin — $1.5 million As it stands today, Ivy Calvin has a net worth of $1.5 million. Some people even consider him the King of Palmdale! When it comes to being part of Storage Wars, he’s a no-nonsense buyer who’s all about making as much money as possible.

How much does Ivy Calvin make?

Net worth of Ivy Calvin His fortune stems from his successful career as a reality television celebrity, former MMA fighter, and businessman. Calvin’s main sources of income are his business and his salary as a television personality, which is estimated to be over $175,000 every season.

What did Ivy from Storage Wars do for a living?

Widely known as the king of Palmdale, Ivy Calvin is a no-nonsense buyer who means business. His store, Grandma’s Attic, has a quick turnover thanks to Ivy’s constant influx of merchandise and his dedicated customers. When auctions are scarce in the desert, he’s willing to travel as far as it takes to fill his shelves.

What did Ivy Calvin do before Storage Wars?

Before he got into the storage bidding and resale businesses, Ivy Calvin was heavily into sports. He played football in and after college, even making it into the Arena Football League. He also briefly went into MMA fighting. In 2009, he opened his secondhand store.

Who from Storage Wars went to jail?

“Storage Wars” star Jarrod Schulz has been arrested and charged with one count of misdemeanor domestic violence battery against his ex (and former on-screen partner), Brandi Passante, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office confirmed.

Who is worth the most money on Storage Wars?

Thom Beers – $25 million. Storage Wars cast and CEO of FreemantleMedia North America Thom Beers. Justin Bryant – $12 million. Barry Weiss – $10 million. Nabila Haniss – $10 million. Laura Dotson – $4.5 million. Darrell Sheets – $4 million. Dan Dotson – $4.5 million. Dave Hester – $4 million.