Is J Balvin an ally?

J Balvin is a proud LGBTQ+ ally “If you have blue hair, pink, yellow; if you have a broken tooth, if you have other sexual preferences…

Is J Balvin a dad?

J Balvin isn’t giving into stereotypes about being a dad, especially when it comes to fashion. In a recent interview about his partnership with Miller Lite to launch the BodegaWear clothing line, the “Mi Gente” singer, 37, says that his strong sense of style hasn’t changed much since he became a dad.

Why is J Balvin so popular?

One of the many reasons why people love J Balvin is because his music has managed to cross over into numerous different genres and markets, making him truly unique in that sense. He’s even been able to break out internationally, making his success story that much more enjoyable!

Are J Balvin and Valentina still together?

J Balvin and Valentina Ferrer have been together since 2018 and welcomed their son Rio in 2021.

Who is the Down syndrome girl with J Balvin?

J Balvin Introduces Best Friend Juliana Zuluaga to His Instagram Followers. “When they let you sleepover for another day in your best friend’s house,” J Balvin captioned a video of himself high-fiving Juliana Zuluaga, a woman with Down syndrome.

Who is J Balvin fighting with?

Residente recently shared that his tension with Balvin goes back a few years. However, their feud went fully public last year after J Balvin proposed that reggaeton stars boycott the 2021 Latin Grammys ceremony, saying that the Latin Recording Academy didn’t appreciate the genre’s artists enough.