What ethnicity is JD Pardo?

Pardo was born in Los Angeles, California, his father is from Argentina and his mother from El Salvador.

Is EZ from Mayans in Twilight?

Pardo also had a small role in the Twilight movie series. He played Nahuel in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2. In 2021, he also took on a role in F9: The Fast Saga. He spoke to Collider about joining the Fast family after working on Mayans.

Is JD Pardo still married?

Pardo has never shared much about his personal life during his career. But according to The Cinemaholic, Pardo is a married man. He and his wife Emily Frlekin tied the knot in 2010, and they live together in LA. She is also from California, and one of seven children.

What does pardo mean in Italian?

Spanish and Portuguese: nickname for someone with tawny hair from pardo ‘dusky brown dark gray’ (from Latin pardus ‘leopard’). Italian: from the personal name Pardo which can be of Greek origin (see 3 below) or a Lombardic variant of Bardo .

What does pardo mean in Brazil?

In Brazil, pardo is a race/skin colour category used by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) in Brazilian censuses, with historic roots in the colonial period. The term “pardo” is more commonly used to refer to mixed-race Brazilians, individuals with varied racial ancestries.

Are Galindo and EZ brothers?

Felipe Reyes never told Miguel Galindo that they are related He is actually Miguel’s biological father, making Miguel half brothers with Angel and EZ.