How long was Jang Wonyoung a trainee?

How long was Jang Wonyoung a trainee?

Wonyoung was recruited by a Starship Entertainment staff on the way to a ceremony at her sister’s school. She trained for 1 year and 2 months.

How old was Wonyoung during produce 48?

i don’t hate wonyoung at all, but personally i feel like she was way too young to be on produce 48 in the first place. she was 13 at the time and just turned 14 when it ended. she danced to side to side, and anyone can watch the show, including pedos.

Is Jang Wonyoung half?

Wonyoung’s father is a Taiwanese-born Korean (Korean by ethnicity and Taiwanese by nationality) and her mother is mixed race, presumably half Chinese and half Korean. Wonyoung’s father is Korean-born and is half Ch.

Why is Jang Wonyoung good at English?

‘ Jang Won Young shared when she was young, she enjoyed taking many lessons including flute, piano, violin, swimming, math, and more. Ahn Yoo Jin pointed out Jang Won Young is also good at English. She and Tyler Rasch then had an ‘English Time’ to prove her English skills.