Is Jhene Aiko in a relationship?

Big Sean and Jhené Aiko have been dating and collaborating on music since 2016. Music power couple Big Sean and Jhené Aiko are preparing to welcome their first child together. The artist duo have been collaborating on music together and dating on and off since the release of their album, Twenty88, in 2016.

Who is Jhene Aiko currently with?

Big Sean And Jhené Aiko Welcome Their First Child Together “11/08/22✨💙Noah Hasani💙,” she captioned an Instagram carousel Friday. “After 24 hours of labor, a total lunar eclipse, and while it was pouring rain… he came 🥹 my baby Yoda, my Sani 💙.”

Who is Jhene Aiko husband?

Jhené Aiko

Is Jhené Aiko and Big Sean still together?

After the pair went their separate ways, both Jhene and Sean showcased their love for each other with music. The pair went on to flirt with one another and eventually got back together in November 2019. And since then, the couple has been pretty solid.