Is Jhonny Caz in Grupo Firme?

With LGBT Pride Month around the corner, we love seeing our favorite artists participate in events that help represent their communities. With that in mind, it was recently announced (May 9) that Jhonny Caz, Grupo Firme’s third vocalist, will be crowned the “king” of Mexico City’s Gay Pride 2022.

When did Jhonny Caz join Grupo Firme?

“When we were first starting, we played every single day,” recalls Eduin, who officially assembled the act known as Grupo Firme in 2014 (minus his brother Jhonny Caz, who joined in 2019) and is the band’s de facto spokesman.

Is Eduin Caz Mexican?

Eduin Oswaldo Parra Cazares is a well-known Mexican vocalist, songwriter and musician. Prominently known on social media as Eduin Caz is the founder of a musical band entitled “Grupo Ferme”.

Where is Kurtz Caz from?

Kurt Caz was born in South Africa to an adventurous dad who traveled the world to go exploring and discovering the world and its cultures. Kurt’s dad visited many places around the world, this is what inspired Kurt to travel around the world himself to follow in his dad’s footsteps on being an adventurer.