Who is J-Hope family?

J-Hope was born as Jung Ho-seok (Korean: 정호석) on February 18, 1994, in Gwangju, South Korea, where he lived with his parents and older sister, Jung Ji-woo. In March 2019, J-Hope enrolled at Hanyang Cyber University for the Master of Business Administration program in Advertising and Media.

Did Jhopes mom leave him?

They were playing hide and seek together, but Hoseok’s mother, instead of hiding, left him alone with a Snickers bar. He was then sent to an orphanage, where he stayed for 10 years.

What is J-Hope’s backstory?

j-hope had been relatively well-known for his skills in dance prior to his debut; he won various local prizes for dance, including placing first in a national dance competition in 2008. His skills in dance eventually led him to gain interest in singing and rapping, helping motivate him to audition as an idol trainee.

Does J-Hope have a gf?

Fashionista Irene Kim, known for her ultra-colourful outfits and sunny, positive energy, has recently been making headlines for her support of BTS member J-Hope’s solo career.