Are Ji-A and still together?

After the show ended, Ji-a, 25, clarified that she is single while model Hyeon-joong confirmed in an Instagram Q&A that the cast members still keep in touch with each other.

Who did ji-a end up with?

Song Ji-a and Kim Hyeon-joong With the option to choose among three contestants, beauty vlogger Song Ji-a ended up selecting Kim Hyeon-joong at the end of the show.

Does JIA have a boyfriend?

They look so happy together! Former Miss A member, Jia, and her boyfriend, Elroy Cheo recently updated their fans with new photos together on their official Instagram accounts.

Why did Kim Hyun Joong unfollow Jia?

“There have been a lot of attention [on us] and Ji-a also wasn’t following me. I didn’t want unnecessary rumours to start circulating so that’s why I decided to unfollow her too,” he clarified, as translated by Koreaboo. “There were no other reasons.