Is Ji Chang Wook Chinese?

About. Ji Chang Wook is a popular South Korean actor and singer.

Did Ji Chang Wook serve in the military?

Personal life. Ji began his mandatory military service on 14 August 2017. He underwent his basic military training at the Army’s 3rd Infantry Division at Cheorwon, Gangwon Province. Upon completion, he was awarded a prize for high performance.

What does Ji Chang Wook tattoo say?

The tattoo on his right thigh is written in Spanish: “Para mi felicidad” (thanks @jichangwook_spain for this!) On top of that is the picture of Sagrada Familia .

What is the real name of Ji Chang Wook in K2?

Kim Je-Ha (Ji Chang-Wook) is former solider for hire. He is also called K2. He is hired as a bodyguard by Choi Yoo-Jin (Song Yoon-A).

What religion is Lee Min Ho?

Despite his Buddhist upbringing, Lee is irreligious.

Does Ji Chang Wook have tattoos?

Ji Chang Wook Unlike the intricate back tattoo he had in The K2, the ink Ji Chang Wook has in real life is delicate and placed somewhere easily hidden: His thigh. Glimpses of this tattoo are incredibly rare—the clearest being a still moment from his YouTube show Ji Chang-wook’s Pomsaengpomsa.