Is Syed Jibran a doctor?

Early life and education After graduating from CCH in 1998, he started his MBBS studies at Bahawalpur Medical College and later transferred to Rawalpindi Medical College, where he completed his MBBS degree.

Who is Muhammad Jibran Nasir?

Mohammad Jibran Nasir (Urdu: محمد جبران ناصر; born 10 February 1987) is a Pakistani civil rights activist, and lawyer.

Where is Syed Jibran from?

Syed Jibran

Is Jibran Nasir married?

Mohammad Jibran Nasir

Can we draw the prophet?

There is no specific or explicit ban in the Koran, the holy book of Islam, on images of Allah or the Prophet Muhammad – be they carved, painted or drawn.

Who wrote Hadith of Gabriel?

In Sunni Islam, the Hadith of Gabriel (also known as, Ḥadīth Jibrīl) is a hadith of the Islamic prophet Muhammad (the last prophet of Islam) which expresses the religion of Islam in a concise manner.