Is Jidenna in a relationship?

He’s in an exclusive relationship at the moment with a woman who had two boyfriends when he met her. “Right now, people look at me and [my exclusive partner], and they’re like ‘Wow, y’all are monogamous. ‘ and I’m like – maybe! But we reserve the right to evolve.

Who is Jidenna mother?


Who is Nahkos wife?

A Message from Natalie Zuniga: As the wife of Pato, band member of Nahko and Medicine for the People, I have lived with the band on and off of tour for 4.5 years.

Is Jidenna in Luke Cage?

Jidenna Theodore Mobisson, professionally known as Jidenna, portrayed Himself in the Luke Cage episode Just to Get a Rep. He performed his song “Long Live the Chief” in the episode. Ultimate MCU Quiz: Which movie is it?

What is Nahkos ethnicity?

Born in Portland, Oregon, of Puerto Rican and Filipino descent, he was adopted at a young age and raised by a white family.

Is Jidenna’s mother white?

Jidenna mother, Tama Mobisson, was a white woman and an accountant. Jidenna mother and father were determined people who always worked to ensure the best life for their boy and his siblings, he has a sister and a brother.