Was DeShanna Marie Minuto married?

Deshanna Marie Minuto

Is Jillian Michaels and DeShanna?

Is Jillian Michaels married to DeShanna Marie Minuto? After Michaels announced on Instagram that she was engaged to DeShanna Marie Minuto on November 27, 2021, she tied the knot with her in 2022. PEOPLE announced that Michaels and DeShanna got married on July 11, 2022, at a Miami courthouse.

How long has Jillian Michaels been with her partner?

The pair, who have been together for three years, celebrated their engagement in November 2021 with heartfelt tributes to one another. “1153 days… here’s to thousands more. She said ‘yes’ ❤️,” Michaels captioned an Instagram selfie of the couple.

When did Jillian Michaels adopt her daughter?

Jillian Michaels adopted daughter Lukensia from Haiti in 2012, the same month her former fiancée Heidi Rhoades gave birth to their son Phoenix.