What kind of education does Jim Carrey have?

What kind of education does Jim Carrey have?

Carrey spent his early years in the borough of Scarborough, Ontario, part of Metropolitan Toronto, where he attended Blessed Trinity Catholic Elementary School in North York. His family later moved to Burlington, Ontario, where they would spend eight years; Jim attended Aldershot High School while there.

When did Jim Carrey quit school?

After leaving school in 1978 to help support his family, Carrey worked for two years as a janitor in a factory. He made his professional debut as a stand-up comedian in a Toronto club at age 15 and by 1979 he was able to make a living as a comedian.

Was Jim Carrey a good student?

As a child, “Carrey excelled in grade school, but from his teachers’ standpoint there was a downside to his aptitude as a student. ‘Jim finishes his work first, then bothers the other students,’ he remembers having read on a school report” (Biography Today).