Who is Amy Gardner?

Amelia Gardner is a fictional character portrayed by Mary-Louise Parker on The West Wing, an American serial political drama. Created in the show’s third season after a voicemail from Parker to the show’s creator, Amy serves as both a feminist viewpoint on the show and a love interest for Josh Lyman.

How old is Jim Gardner Channel 6?

Fortunately, Gardner, 73, isn’t relinquishing his role entirely just yet.

Where is Maggie Kent from?

Maggie Kent is a proud Philadelphia native who joined the 6abc Action News team in April 2018 covering breaking, feature and general assignment stories.

What is Amy roses real name?

Skills. Amelia Rose, better known by Amy(formerly known as Rosy the Rascal), is a young, carefree Mobian hedgehog who has had a crush on Sonic the Hedgehog for years even though He has Already filed 14 restraining orders against her.