Who is Jim Thome married to?

Jim Thome

Who is Ashley Solis?

Ashley Solis is a massage therapist who accused Deshaun Watson of assault, after previously making the allegations in a “Jane Doe” lawsuit.

Is Deshaun Watson still with Jilly Anais?

Watson has reportedly been dating Anais since 2019, when he was with the Houston Texans. As mentioned, Anais is, herself, a Houston native. However, the duo met for the first time in a restaurant in Los Angeles, attending separate parties.

What did Deshaun Watson do?

“During the massage, Watson continually pressured Plaintiff into massaging his private area,” the lawsuit says. The plaintiff said Watson “was able to pressure her into oral sex,” and paid her more than double her normal fee as a masseuse. The NFL says it holds players to account for their personal conduct.

Is Lois Thome retiring?

Lois Thome – retired – Retired and enjoying life | LinkedIn.

What nationality is Jim Thome?

Jim Thome