How much is Jimin’s height?

BTS: Jimin’s height and weight Jimin is 174 cm tall, that is, 5′ 8.5″. Jimin weighs around 58.2 kgs.

Who is the 2 tallest member of BTS?

The second tallest member of the BTS band is Jin. The BTS height of Jin is 5.10 feet or say 179cms. The weight of Jin is 63kgs.

Who is very shortest in BTS?

Jungkook is another one of the tallest, surpassing his peers who are older than him. Golden Maknae has a height of 1.78 cm. J-Hope is one of the shortest but only by a small difference, he is 1.77 cm tall.

How tall are Jimin’s hands?

Jimin’s adorable hands are confirmed to be 17.5 centimetres from the top of his middle finger straight down to the bottom of his palm. Fans love to dote on his hands, proven by the fact that a Twitter account dedicated to his hands has over 25 thousand followers!

What is Jimin favorite color?

Black and blue are his favorite colors. 21.

What is Jimin’s degree?

He graduated with a degree in Broadcasting and Entertainment Education. BTS Jimin has a degree in Broadcasting and Entertainment Education.