Is Jimmy Choo or Louboutin better?

Louboutin offers a few more expensive shoes, with price tags ranging from $350 to $4,895, while Jimmy Choo is marginally more affordable, with shoes available between $250 and $3,125. So if you are constrained with a little more of a budget, it may be better to check out the Jimmy Choo brand first.

What shoes have a red bottom?

The Inspiration Behind the Red Sole From there, the red soles became Louboutin’s signature. Today, you’ll find it featured on almost every one of the brand’s products, from Christian Louboutin heels for women to Christian Louboutin shoes for men.

Why are red bottom shoes so popular?

Status Symbols. Arguably the biggest reason behind the big price tag is because the red soles are simply a symbol of status. Everyone wants to buy them, but not everyone can afford them. The notoriously steep price tag is just as widely recognized as the shoes themselves.

Who is the original designer of red bottom shoes?

Christian Louboutin is one of the world’s most well-known shoe designers; the red soles of his designs have become synonymous with luxury and celebrity.