Who is the first Indian in WWE?

Gama Singh – Named after the legendary Indian wrestler, Gardowar Singh Sahota alias Gama Singh was the first Indian to join the WWE. He was a part of the franchise in the 80s.

Is Jinder Mahal an Indian?

Born in Calgary, Canada, Jinder Mahal is the in-ring name of Yuvraj Singh Dhesi, who is of Indian Punjabi descent and debuted as a professional wrestler in 2004. Six years later, Mahal got his big break with WWE, where his Punjabi gimmicks and promos gave him a distinct avatar.

Is there any Indian in WWE?

Let us look at the list of current Indian origin or superstars billed from India employed in WWE. Former WWE champion Jinder Mahal has long been associated with the company. Mahal currently wrestles on their SmackDown Brand. Dilsher Shanky hails from Haryana and currently wrestles on Smackdown.