What is the weight of Jisoo in KG?

What is the height and weight of Blackpink member Jisso? Jiso is the shortest member standing at 162 cm/5’5” and weighs 45 kg.

What is black pink height?

As seen in group pictures and when these idols are standing together, the BLACKPINK members are of different heights. According to K Profiles, as of September 2021, Jisoo is 162 cm, Jennie is 163 cm, Rosé is 168.7 cm, and Lisa is 166.5 cm. That makes Rosé the tallest member of the K-pop group.

What is BLACKPINK’s waist size?

Her stylist said that her pants size is 24 (size 0) and her waist is less than 24 inches (60.96 cm) wide. She can play the piano and the guitar.

Is Rose left handed?

6. She’s left-handed! 7. Another hand fact, Rosé can spin her wrists 360 degrees!