Who is Jisshu Sengupta’s wife?

Who is Jisshu Sengupta’s wife?

Jisshu Sengupta

What is the real name of jishu Sengupta?

You may be surprised to know that actor Jisshu Sengupta’s real name is Biswaroop Sengupta. However, the popular actor is widely known as Jisshu, his nickname.

Who is the biggest star in Bengali cinema?

Uttam Kumar The greatest hero in Bengali cinema (if not Indian), hands down. Many consider him a star, which he is, but he is also an actor. A really good one. The way he carried himself in front of the camera is unparalleled even today.

Who is Debangshu Sengupta?

Debangshu Sengupta – Global Talent Acquisition Leader – Kantar | LinkedIn.

Who is the first wife of Rudraprasad Sengupta?

He was previously married to Swatilekha Sengupta.

Where is Sengupta?

West Bengal (1: 1,621)