Did JJ Watts offer to pay for funeral expenses?

Did JJ Watts offer to pay for funeral expenses?

Watt offers to cover the cost of a funeral after woman tweets about selling shoes to raise money. “I almost died. He said he was sorry for our loss and gave his donation,” one family member said.

Will JJ Watt be in the Hall of Fame?

Arizona Cardinals: J.J. Watt, DE. While it’s been four years since his last big season, Watt’s chances at being a first-ballot Hall of Famer is still strong.

Does the credit union still pay for your funeral?

The insurance cover is seen as a key benefit of credit union membership, particularly for more senior members. Death benefit insurance is unique to credit unions. A fixed sum is paid when a member dies to help defray funeral expenses.

Is the next of kin legally responsible for funeral costs?

Does the next of kin need to pay for the funeral? The next of kin may need to take charge of arranging and paying for the funeral if the person who has died did not make a will. If the person did make a will, the executor is usually responsible for dealing with the funeral arrangements.