Did JLo sing I’m real?

“I’m Real” is the name of two songs recorded by American actress and singer Jennifer Lopez, both primarily for her second studio album J. Lo (2001). The original song was released as the album’s fourth single; Ja Rule of Murder Inc.

Did Ashanti sing Ain’t it funny?

It turned out that Ashanti, 41, actually wrote the remix for 2002’s Ain’t it Funny – but did not sing on the final version – and also recorded the demo for I’m Real, released in 2001, as a reference for Jennifer, 52, to sing along to.

What happened between Ashanti and JLo?

The controversy surrounding the records began after Ashanti’s vocals from the “I’m Real” demo track found their way to the song’s final version. At the time, Lopez was the only one labeled as the credited singer. Ashanti originally recorded the demo as a reference for the star.