What colors look best on JLO?

Metallic & White. Lopez loves bronze, gold, and copper eyeshadows, and she tends to pair those shades with another color: white. It’s an age-old makeup trick that instantly brightens eyes and complexions. Photo: Frederick M.

What shape eyes does JLO have?

To stop the overall look from veering into grunge territory, make-up artist Mary Phillips accentuated Lopez’s natural almond-shape eyes with liner and half lashes to give them a feline feel.

How much is JLO beauty net worth?

JLO Beauty & Fragrance Launched in January 2002, Lopez’s beauty line JLO Beauty had a reported net sales of $75.4 million in 2021, up from $57.5 million in 2020, and (as of 2020) had earned more than $2 billion in retail sales since launching 20 years ago.

What celebrity looks like JLO?

Hilary Duff looks exactly like Jennifer Lopez in latest Instagram post, fans say.