What are the tattoos on Julia Fox back?

What are the tattoos on Julia Fox back?

Fox’s gravity-defying bandeau gave fans a full view of her music-inspired back tattoos. It’s been widely claimed that the pair of tattoos are the f-holes of a cello, but violins and violas have the same holes and Fox has not clarified.

How many tattoos does Julia Fox have?

The Meanings Behind Julia Fox’s 9 Known Tattoos.

What does the tattoo on Megan Fox mean?

Megan Fox’s Chinese Symbol Neck Tattoo On the back of Fox’s neck, she has a tattoo of a Chinese symbol that stands for strength, according to BodyArtGuru. She’s had the ink for more than a decade.

Who did Julia Fox have a child with?

In the one-minute clip TikTok, the Uncut Gems actress shared that her 19-month-old son Valentino, who she shares with ex Peter Artemiev, “doesn’t care for his toys” but is rather “more interested” in what adults are doing.

What does Aniston’s 11/11 tattoo mean?

Awkwafina Is Already Making History UNTIL NOW. Thanks to Jennifer’s best friend Andrea Benewald, we finally know that “11 11” is half of a matching friendship tattoo. Last month, Andrea shared a birthday tribute to her best friend and dropped pics of their matching ~ink~, writing: “Happy Birthday Jen!

What does Jennifer Aniston’s 11/11 wrist tattoo mean?

Jennifer Aniston’s Wrist Tattoo According to People, 11 is a significant number to Aniston because it’s the date of her birthday (Feb. 11) and also because 2011 is the year that her dog Norman passed away. The number is also widely believed to symbolize good luck. Image Source: Getty / James Devaney.