What happens in episode 8 of just like that?

What happens in episode 8 of just like that?

She doesn’t want to raise Lily in the same environment, but to her surprise, Charlotte discovers via Lily’s provocative private Instagram account that her daughter is already pretty comfortable with sexuality. Carrie talks Charlotte off the ledge about this, telling her that Lily seems simply to be trying on adulthood.

Is episode 8 of And Just Like That out?

The theme of this episode… awkward. It’s not long now until the series is finished and episode eight of And Just Like That… has just dropped on NOW. Time flies when you’re watching a LOT of drama unfold.

Where can I watch episode 8 of And Just Like That?

And Just Like That is available to stream on HBO Max.

How many episodes of Just like that are there?

And Just Like That…

Is Miranda divorcing Steve?

Miranda finally asks Steve for a divorce in And Just Like That episode 8, with their responses proving that the couple was always doomed to drift apart.

Was Aiden supposed to be in just like that?

John Corbett previously joked he’d take part in season 1 of And Just Like That… but now it’s official: the Sex and the City alum will return as Aidan Shaw in the HBO Max series’ second season.