What surgeries did kailyn have?

Kailyn underwent a full mommy makeover that consisted of liposuction in the neck, a tummy tuck, and a Brazilian butt lift.

When did Kailyn Lowry get a BBL?

In 2016, Kailyn underwent a few different surgeries with Dr. Miami, including a Brazilian butt lift, a tummy tuck and a neck liposuction.

Did Kailyn Lowry have a mommy makeover?

Lowry has been candid about having a “mommy makeover” after giving birth to her second child – and “loved every minute of it.” Her only regret was not waiting to have the procedure until she finished having kids. “I don’t knock anyone that chooses to have plastic surgery,” she says.

Did Blac Chyna have a BBL?

On the same episode of The Wendy Williams Show, in which she admitted that her BBL was proving to be problematic, Blac Chyna admitted that she’d had other procedures done, over the years, as well.