Who is Kali Uchis in a relationship with?

Who is Kali Uchis in a relationship with?

Don Toliver confirmed dating Kali Uchis months ago, but fans are only realizing now. Are Don Toliver and Kali Uchis dating? Well, you aren’t the only one wondering about this, but the two musicians have been a thing for a while now.

What did Kali Uchis do before she was famous?

In school she played saxophone and piano, eventually becoming first chair of the jazz band. But it was around this time her rebellious streak started to surface, with her parents eventually throwing her out as a result of her class-skipping and curfew-breaking.

Why is Kali Uchis her name?

Born Karly-Marina Loaiza in the Washington D.C. suburb of Alexandria, Virginia and raised between Colombia and the U.S., the moniker “Kali Uchis” was originally a nickname given to her by her father.

Are Kali and Don dating 2022?

In June 2021, Kali Uchis and Don Toliver released the music video for their joint single Drugs N Hella Melodies. A month later on Friday, July 23, Don revealed that he and Kali are dating. The singer told W Magazine: “We’re not crazy public or nothing like that, we just vibe.”