Is Priyadarshan married?


Are Pranav and Kalyani together?

According to Kalyani, every year news comes along with a photo that she and Pranav are going to get married.

Who is Priyadarshan’s wife?


Why did Priyadarshan stop making movies?

Priyadarshan: Impossible to survive in Bollywood without focusing on entertainment. Veteran filmmaker Priyadarshan, who returns to Hindi cinema after seven years with ‘Hungama 2’, says he kept away from Bollywood as he felt there was not much scope for experimentation.

Is Kalyani divorced?

If reports are to be believed, Kalyani and Surya Kiran got divorced due to mounting debts and financial distress.

Who is the boyfriend of Kalyani?

Reports have it that Mohanlal’s son Pranav is dating Priyadarshan’s daughter and actress Kalyani Priyadarshan.