Is Kahmora Hall Chinese?

Kahmora is the fifth Drag Race contestant of Vietnam descent, after Season 9 contestant Kimora Blac, Season 11 contestant Plastique Tiara, Drag Race UK Series 1 contestant Sum Ting Wong and Season 12 contestant Rock M. Sakura.

Is Kahmora Hall related to jaida?

“Hall” is the name of her drag family; her mothers are Tajma Hall and Prada Diamond, and her drag sisters are Mercedes Iman Diamond, Dida Ritz, and Kahmora Hall.

Who is the mother of the house of Hall?

Kahmora Hall She is the mother of Soju from season 11, but that’s only the beginning. The House of Hall, founded by Lady Tajma Hall, hosts Jaida Essence Hall, Dida Ritz, and Naysha Lopez, who are all sisters to Kahmora.