What is the age of Kanaka?

Then Kanaka acted most probably with all the leading Tamil actors including Super Star Rajnikanth. There was a rumour got spread through media that Tamil actress Kanaka has passed away due to cancer disease at 30th July 2013 when she was 40th age.

Why is kanakadasa famous?

He was a renowned composer of Carnatic music, poet, reformer and musician. He is known for his keertanas and ugabhoga, and his compositions in the Kannada language for Carnatic music. Like other Haridasas, he used simple Kannada and native metrical forms for his compositions.

Who is the first lady of Indian cinema?

Devika Rani Choudhuri (30 March 1908 – 9 March 1994), usually known as Devika Rani, was an Indian actress who was active in Hindi films during the 1930s and 1940s. Widely acknowledged as the first lady of Indian cinema, Devika Rani had a successful film career that spanned 10 years.

Who is Devika Anand?

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