How do you make small Kandi cuffs?

How do you make small Kandi cuffs?

To make your cuff, you’ll need elastic string, pony beads, and scissors. Start by wrapping the string around your wrist to measure it, then cut your string to about 5 times its length. Tie a knot in one end, thread 25-30 beads onto it, then tie the ends together.

Why do people wear Kandi at raves?

Kandi is symbolic of PLUR culture and symbolizes a strong connection made between two people at a rave or festival.

What is the point of Kandi bracelets?

It was a way to remember someone and to keep them with you at all times. The exchange of friendship bracelets was a moment of love and this tradition continued within the kandi culture. Today, the exchange of kandi remains an important aspect of the community.

What elastic is best for Kandi?

Bingcute 1.0MM Black Elastic Cord, 100 Yard (Black) This is def the best string to use for making kandi bracelets. The string is very strong, and will not brake when you trade bracelets. There is a lot of flex in the string, and also very easy to tie with a square not or double knot (recommend doing two of them).