How old is Tyler Ratan from NSB?

A college dropout, Ratanamongkala-Bray, 23, bootstrapped TK Trailer to projected revenue of $17 million in 2021.

Where is Kane NSB from?

NSB // KANE BRAY Growing up in Texas with eight siblings, Bray has always been competitive with his interests. . He was not only passionate about sports, but also anime and engineering.

Are Kane and Tyler brothers?

Since then, his business has achieved continuous flourishing. The name of his business has a familiar connection. Tyler Bray had no idea how to name a business, but then, his brother Kane came up with an easy solution. It was his idea to use their gaming pseudonym as the title.

Who is Kane Trujillo?

Kane “Neumane” Trujillo, is a 21 year old Los Angeles based actor & social media star most known …