Does Kanye have a song about Pete Davidson?

Does Kanye have a song about Pete Davidson?

KANYE West released a song in January 2022 called “Eazy” which has a direct message for Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian’s new boyfriend.

What did Kanye West say about Pete Davidson on Instagram?

Popular on Rolling Stone In subsequent posts, he claimed that Davidson would get Kardashian “hooked on drugs,” because he’s “in rehab every two months.” West also made fun of Davidson’s Hillary Clinton tattoo, writing “Tramp Stamp Pete the Tramp… here’s the stamp.” ,” he wrote.

What did Kanye text Pete Davidson?

1. In early February, Kanye first shared — then deleted — a cropped screenshot of a text message he allegedly received from Pete. The text appears to read, “I’d never get in the way of your children… I do hope one day I can meet them and we can all be friends.”

Why does Kanye call Pete Davidson Skete?

Skete is Kanye’s nickname for Pete as the two words rhyme. According to Urban Dictionary, ‘Skete’ means, “A pale, skinny white dude who’s banging your ex”, although this description was only added once Kanye had made a point of the nickname so is unlikely to be an intended meaning.