Who is Karan bulani?

Karan Bulani – Data Engineering Analyst – Accenture | LinkedIn.

Who is Karishma Boolani?

Karishma Boolani – Founder & Sport Scientist at HUMANICS – Mumbai, Maharashtra, India | LinkedIn.

How rich is Karan Boolani?

From all the films and commercial productions, Karan Boolani’s estimated Net Worth is around Salary$8.5 million.

Does Karan Boolani have a daughter?

The third is the mother of my daughter Lemon and the fourth is the finest cook to have performed miracles in a domestic kitchen… And their names are Rhea Kapoor. To the best decision I’ve ever made.

Who is Rhea husband?

Rhea Kapoor

Who is Karan Boolani family?

Karan was born in a Sindhi Family. His father, Vijay Boolani, is a businessman and his mother is Binu Boolani. He has a younger sister, Karishma Boolani. Karan has been dating Rhea Kapoor, Bollywood producer and assistant director, for the last 11 years.