Who is Khadijah in Snowfall?

Geffri Maya is an American actress who portrays Khadijah Brown on the FX series Snowfall.

What happened to Drew Manboy Miller?

Though he was able to read through Tanosse and sense being set up, he wasn’t smart enough to outsmart Franklin, which led to his demise.

Is Manboy and Skully related?

Skully was an associate, business partner, and known rival of Manboy. He is first seen when Manboy, Leon, and Fatback go to his place.

What did Skully do to the chocolate?

The two even invited Skully as both a gesture of good faith and a way to mix business and pleasure. This backfired when Skully spiked the chocolate fountain at the wedding with LSD and everyone who partook in the chocolate-covered strawberries started tripping.