What does Khai Malik mean in Arabic?

What does Khai Malik mean in Arabic?

Instagram. The name also has Arabic links, with Khai translated to mean “crowned” or “royalty” in English. The full name of Khairiah, meanwhile, means “good” and “charitable”. Both Hadid and Malik have had their daughter’s name tattooed on them in Arabic since her birth.

What does Khai in Arabic mean?

In Arabic, the name Khai translates to “crowned.” While the couple hasn’t explicitly explained why they chose the name Khai, a TMZ source suggests that the name was not only selected for its Arabic meaning but also due to the deep family sentiment attached to it. gigihadid.

Why did Gigi name Khai?

It was chosen because of deep family reasons. Gigi’s grandmother on her father Mohamed’s side was named Khairia; the source said the name Khai was in tribute to her. Khairia passed away in 2008. She descended from nobility, Gigi’s father revealed on Instagram.

How do you pronounce Khai Malik?

Subtly writing it in her Instagram bio, Gigi revealed the name of her and Zayn’s baby is Khai, pronounced ‘kha-i’.