Who played Maya’s husband on girlfriends?

Who played Maya’s husband on girlfriends?

Darnell Leroy Wilkes: (played by Flex Alexander Season 1, and then played by Khalil Kain, Seasons 6–8, main; 2–5, recurring) is Maya’s husband. He and Maya married at a young age and had their son, Jabari.

Are Khalil Kain and Maino related?

Khalil has two kids and is the brother of rapper Maino.

Who was the first Darnell on girlfriends?

Flex Alexander portrayed Darnell Wilkes during the first season. However, once he landed the lead role in the show One on One, he left Girlfriends. Khalil Khan played Darnell for the rest of the series.

Why did Jabari leave Girlfriends?

Jabari was initially played by Tanner Scott Richards who left the show in 2006. This is believed to be the time the sitcom was renegotiating contracts for new seasons of the show, and with that, it seems that Richards’ family decided not to renew the contract, and as a result, Kendré Berry replaced him.