What cookie jars does Khloe Kardashian use?

What cookie jars does Khloe Kardashian use?

Khloé uses different flavoured Oreos across multiple jars, and one of her favourites is not just your regular Oreo, but the double-stuffed ones. “I like double stuffed because they just look better because they’re thicker.”

How many Oreos does it take to fill a jar?

4-5 big packs of Oreos cookies. Go with the flavour you fancy most. From the original to birthday, chocolate cream, ice cream, red velvet, cookie dough and s’more flavours – you name it, they’ve got it all.

How do you make cookies in a cookie jar?

Just put the cookies in a zip-style plastic bag, seal it up, and put the bag in the jar. Whenever you reach in for a cookie, it’s an easy step to open the bag and close it back up to keep those cookies fresh. What’s more, the plastic bag can be scrunched (within reason) to fit into almost any size cookie jar opening.

How can you tell if a McCoy cookie jar is real?

The only way to avoid fakes is to know what pieces of pottery that were actually made by the Nelson McCoy Pottery (or any other pottery of interest). If you find a piece of pottery that is marked “McCoy”, and it is not pictured in any of the McCoy reference books, the chances are that it is a fake.